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This database contains the most current toxicity data available. All instances of values above the recreational guidelines are kept as up to date as possible, but values below the guidelines may be somewhat delayed in entry.Since there is a lag time from the date of sample to the date of analysis, be sure to check the sample date when looking at data or before you use the lake. Remember to use caution and avoid scums. "When in doubt, stay out!"

Your local jurisdiction may have more specific information about your lake. Questions? Contact Lizbeth Seebacher at Department of Ecology.

If a lake is not listed, it has not been tested for toxic algae through the Ecology program.

The pins on the map represent the center of small lakes, regardless of where the sample was taken. To find more precise location information, download the toxin data and click the "view scum info" link. That is where specific sampling location information will be if it was provided. On larger lakes, (such as Lake Washington, Moses Lake and Potholes) pins represent the location of the sample if provided.

CountyWRIA NumberSiteCollect DateParameterToxin Conc. (µg/L)MDL (µg/L)Above State GuidelineAdditional InformationSample LocationEcology Tracking Number
King8Echo Lake Beach10/08/2021Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoViewSwimming BeachA764KING214_21_490
King8Echo Lake Beach10/08/2021Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoView A764KING214_21_491
King8Echo Lake Beach10/08/2021Microcystin1.2000.150NoView A764KING214_21_491
King8Echo Lake Beach10/08/2021Microcystin0.2000.150NoViewSwimming BeachA764KING214_21_490
King8Echo Lake Beach09/27/2021Microcystin0.3000.150NoView A76_KING214_21_450
King8Echo Lake Beach09/20/2021Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoView A76_KING214_21_408
King8Echo Lake Beach09/20/2021Microcystin880.0000.150YesView A76_KING214_21_408
King8Echo Lake Beach08/26/2021Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoViewEcho Lake swim beachA764KING214_21_297
King8Echo Lake Beach08/26/2021Microcystin0.4990.150NoViewEcho Lake swim beachA764KING214_21_297
King8Echo Lake Beach05/17/2021Anatoxin-a0.0130.010NoView ECHOKING214_21_043
King8Echo Lake Beach05/04/2020Anatoxin-a0.5200.010NoView A764KING214_20_037
King8Echo Lake Beach05/04/2020Microcystin0.2120.150NoView A764KING214_20_037
King8Echo Lake Beach10/22/2018Anatoxin-a0.1810.165NoView A764KING214_18_330
King8Echo Lake Beach10/22/2018Microcystin4.8200.150NoView A764KING214_18_330
King8Echo Lake Beach10/22/2018Saxitoxin<MDL0.020NoView A764KING214_18_330
King8Echo Lake Beach09/06/2017Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo A764KING214_17_217
King8Echo Lake Beach09/06/2017Microcystin0.4710.150NoNo A764KING214_17_217
King8Echo Lake Beach08/28/2017Anatoxin-a<MDL0.165NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach08/28/2017Microcystin0.2380.150NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach07/10/2017Microcystin0.2970.150NoNo A764KING214_17_126
King8Echo Lake Beach07/05/2017Anatoxin-a<MDL0.165NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach07/05/2017Microcystin<MDL0.150NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach07/25/2016Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo A764KING214_16_106
King8Echo Lake Beach07/25/2016Microcystin<MDL0.200NoNo A764KING214_16_106
King8Echo Lake Beach07/18/2016Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoView A764KING214_16_097
King8Echo Lake Beach07/18/2016Microcystin<MDL0.200NoView A764KING214_16_097
King8Echo Lake Beach11/30/2015Microcystin0.1680.160NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach09/28/2015Microcystin1.7400.160NoNo A764KING214_15_420
King8Echo Lake Beach09/22/2015Microcystin5.4500.160NoView A764KING214_15_413
King8Echo Lake Beach09/14/2015Microcystin22.3000.160YesView A764KING214_15_377
King8Echo Lake Beach09/02/2014microcystin1.9600.160NoView A764KING14_203
King8Echo Lake Beach10/21/2013Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach10/21/2013Microcystin<MDL0.160NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach09/30/2013Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach09/30/2013Microcystin<MDL0.160NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach09/09/2013Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach09/09/2013Microcystin<MDL0.160NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach08/26/2013Anatoxin-a<MDL0.010NoNo  
King8Echo Lake Beach08/26/2013Microcystin<MDL0.160NoNo  

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As of 6/26/2018 the format of the toxin and phytoplankton export has changed. A unique identification number has been added to each site.

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